Rain Barrel Art Project 2018

Its time for the 2018 Rain Barrel Art Project. The Rain Barrel Art Project desires to educate people on environmental issues like storm water runoff, watersheds and water conservation.

Rain barrels can be beautiful works of art that conserve water and save money. 

So here's how it works. If you are interested in painting a rain barrel, please Click here to register. Artwork entries will be accepted until January 22. The top 40 entries will be selected by the end of January. All artists chosen to paint a rain barrel must attend a mandatory artist workshop at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on February 10th. Then its time to have fun! Paint your rain barrel, then get it to the zoo for the display in the Go Green! Garden from April 1 - April 19. 

All rain barrels will be auctioned at the Cincinnati Zoo's Party For The Planet on Thursday, April 19th.

For more information on the rain barrel art project, please click here or call John at (513) 772-7645


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